In the face of threats from Iran, such as \"to have Americans everywhere in the Middle East \"and \"at the Strait of Hormuz \", Mr. Trump also warned, tweeting that U.S. forces are ready to attack 52 targets in Iran, including significant cultural significance.


He also boasts that the United States``just spent$2 trillion in arms'' ;If Iran refuses to fight, it will not hesitate to launch some``new and beautiful'' weapons, ``fast and hard'' attack Iran.


Speaking of military spending, american netizens have something to say. Someone moved to fox news two years ago, saying that iran \"spends billions of dollars on arms and terrorism, regardless of its basic livelihood \".


In combination with today's reality, netizens have irony: how this painting sound a little familiar, is not misspelled country name. On Thursday, anti-war demonstrations in several cities in the United States, even Trump's favorite \"Fox News,\" voiced opposition to the use of force against Iran.


In january 2018, fox news quoted the anti-iranian government's national resistance committee (ncr) report as claiming that the country spent $55 billion a year on the islamist revolutionary guard's revenues and state grants to maintain power, both for the military and for \"exporting terrorism.\"


The report says the money could have been used to improve basic domestic needs. For example, Iran's 2018 health-care budget is said to be $16.3 billion, less than a third of it. Fox news commentator mr. farres argues that this explains what was behind the wave of anti-government in iran at the time.


But fox also noted that the report's data came from \"high-level government assessments \". Another question mark for credibility. And the council claimed to have been inspired by Masood Rajawi, founder of the People's Mujahedin, who was outlawed by the Iranian government as an anti-government group.


But combined with the headline of today's mr. trump's tweet, warning iran with military figures, the article,\" spending billions of dollars on military spending but refusing to use it to improve people's lives at home,\" has also been \"punched in the face\" by american netizens. Almost 4000 likes were quickly received in 12 hours.


Some netizens pointed out that in 2016, Bloomberg News'health-care efficiency index ranked Iran 30th in the world, while the United States ranked 50 out of all 55 countries, almost bottom.


Other comments are also ironical:``full of the view'' , ``misspelled the name of the country'' , ``sounds like my country'' , ``the title has no idea at all'' .


The U.S.-Iranian contradiction quickly intensified after Trump ordered an Iraqi airstrike on January 3 to assassinate Iranian general Suleimani. Tens of thousands of iranians took to the streets to protest, and iranian supreme leader khomeini, mr suleimani's successor and other revolutionary guard officers all claimed to retaliate.


Trump's warning on Twitter came as anti-war demonstrations appeared in several cities, including Washington, New York and Chicago, on January 4. Protesters chanted \"no war or sanctions on iran!\" \"The United States withdraws troops from Iraq!\" The New York Times said there were more than 80 protests across the country.


On Thursday night, the popular host, Trump's gold medal \"mouthpiece\" Tucker Carlson, publicly questioned whether Iran was the biggest threat to the United States and who was profiting from the conflict. \"Why do we always fail to see the country's decline and still agree to plunge into another quagmire with no obvious exports?\" he said, taking Afghanistan as an example.


And on \"Fox