On December 30,2019, the company announced that it intends to use no more than $200 million of its own capital to invest in securities in 2020. The cap on the use of the funds is well above last year's plan, with the 2019 investment cap of $100 million.


《 China Times reporter as an investor called the board's office, staff said the company has an annual amount of securities investment, the securities investment is a routine report to the board for consideration. This is because the company's total assets plate is small, about 300 million, net assets of about 200 million, put out a certain amount of own-capital securities investment, met the requirements of the board of directors review. The company's main business is property management, if the money on the project is far from enough, and the company is also doing the transformation of the main business.


New good first-time stock market is in 2016, the novice's luck may be very good, the company made nearly 37 million yuan in full-year securities investment, compared with the year's operating income of only ten thousand yuan.


Time into 2019, brand new good in the 2018 end of the announcement said continue to use its own funds not more than 100 million yuan for securities market investment. As of the end of the third quarter of 2019, the company's securities investment income of 10,000 yuan.


And by the time we plan to do it in 2020. On december 30,2019, brand new good issued the notice about the company and the holding subsidiary to participate in the securities investment with the idle own capital. In order to increase the efficiency of the company's capital use and generate greater returns, the company plans to use its own capital up to $200 million in securities investments in 2020, taking into account the market and the company's own funds at this stage, the announcement said.


The 2019 three-quarter report showed that the company's total assets were 100 million yuan and its net assets were 100 million yuan, accounting for the upper limit of 200 million yuan in securities investments, which would exceed net assets, accounting for up to 56 percent of total assets.


'When investors invest in a listed company, it's clearer if the company is focused on its main business,' Li Daxiao, chief economist at British Securities, told the China Times. If a company invests 200 million yuan in securities, it's no harm. But if the share is large, it takes into account its volatility.


New good listing after 8 times in 27 years to change the name of ST, has used names include: Shendasheng A, ST Dasheng, Shendasheng A, G Shendasheng A, Shendasheng ST Dasheng, ST 07,07 shares.


The company's main business has also been adjusted several times, according to the 2019 semi-annual report, the company's main business is property management and housing rental industry, the company's performance in the past three years is not good. The three-quarter 2019 report showed revenue of 10,000 yuan in the first three quarters of 2019, a year-on-year decrease of%; deduction of non-net profit of 10,000 yuan, a year-on-year decrease of%; and net profit of 10,000 yuan, a year-on-year decrease of%.


In 2018, the new revenue realized ten thousand yuan, the net profit attributable to the shareholders of listed companies is - billion yuan. If losses continue in 2019, the most immediate consequence of poor performance is a step closer to delisting.


On december 13,2019, brand new good announced that in order to invigorate the assets and improve the efficiency of the company's resource utilization, the company's subsidiary company's 07 investment plans to sell 11 units on the 27th floor of hongying building to shenzhen boya for a total price of 25 million yuan and sign a transfer agreement with it. The floor area of the 27-storey building is square meters (the area is pre-sale, including 27H property, but 27H is not included in the underlying assets of the transfer). The sale of assets can improve the company's asset utilization, the sale of assets is expected to increase the company's income of about 20 million yuan.


The sale was questioned by the exchange, which asked listed companies to state the specific impact of the deal on the company's net profit for 2019 and whether there had been a surprise profit adjustment in the deal.


Dong Dengxin, director of the Institute of Financial Securities Research at Wuhan University of Science and Technology, told the Chinese Times that listed companies should be the backbone of the real economy and that listed companies should cherish the trust of investors. A listed company without a main business has no future and no future; a listed company without a main business has no investment value. The real good listed companies, the real investment value of the company, its main business should be constantly bigger and stronger. And the growth of its main business should remain stable. Increase investment in the main industry research and development, this should also be listed companies to do the main work. Therefore, listed companies that are out of business should be condemned.


The battle for fresh control finally came to fruition a month ago. A new announcement on the night of november 26,2019 said that at the fifth interim general meeting of shareholders in 2019, a bill to remove han xueyuan from the board was considered, along with a proposal to pass huang guoming and yang chunlong as directors and chen yilong and tian jin as independent directors.


Private equity boss han xueyuan is the company's former actual controller, under the command of hanfu holding a new good% of the equity, a single largest shareholder. Boheng, which brought up the recall, owns only a% stake in the company, but has more shares than he holds in a multi-shareholder alliance. After Han Xueyuan was ousted, Hanfu Holdings no longer has a seat on the brand-new good board.


This general meeting of shareholders is a new good two important shareholders Bo Heng investment and Hanfu holding between the contest. In may 2018, hanfu shares through the transfer of shares into a new good, the proportion of subsequent holdings increased to%, become a major shareholder, in fact, the prosecutor han xueyuan has become a new good real controller. Bo Heng Investment in November 2017 through the judicial auction to obtain% equity, become a brand new good second largest shareholder.


In October 2019, Bo Heng invested in the period from October 10 to October 14,2019, and signed a unanimous action agreement with the shareholders of the company, Chen Zhuoting, Lu Erdong, Li Qiang, Lin Changzhen, Chen Jun and Liu Hong. Currently Boheng Investments and its co-actions combine to hold 10,000 shares in the company, representing% of the total share capital of the company, more than the 75 million shares held by Hanfu Holdings (% of the total share capital of the company).